Outsourced order fulfilment could be the answer

E-commerce is big business. It’s a sector that ranges from home based part time operators through to giant multi-national players and all of them face the same challenges. Order fulfilment plays a critical role, customers want their goods yesterday and if they don’t get them fast enough they’ll turn to suppliers who will deliver on time.

Managing a business like this is a real challenge, there are stocking levels to consider for starters. Getting it wrong means storing stock unnecessarily on the one hand and being out of stock on the other. Storage space costs money and customers can be demanding when they place their order, as they have every right to be.

It’s no wonder then that businesses are increasingly turning to specialist partners who provide fulfilment services. Outsourcing is relevant to every size of operator, for smaller outfits it levels the playing field with the big boys. For more established firms it helps to achieve greater efficiencies, free from having to manage every aspect of order fulfilment they can concentrate on their business in a more strategic fashion.

By working with a partner to provide this aspect of the operation any business can become slicker and more efficient. Fulfilment services can make or break an e-commerce operation, dedicated partners have brand new facilities and the last online systems- making use of them allows many businesses to move onto the next level.

Owners and managers want to focus on what they do best: moving their business forward and taking care of the needs of their customers. By working with partners to handle fulfilment they can free up time and resource to get back to this. They want to run their business not manage every single aspect of it, outsourcing is an efficient model and more and more firms are waking up to its potential for improving fulfilment.

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