How Shelving Systems fit into Health and Safety Policies

Companies across all industries strive to provide their employees with the safest working environment and conditions in order to remain efficient and productive. Employees are more likely to feel valued and appreciated within a work area that is continuously monitored and protected from any number and type of health and safety concerns.

From trip hazards to chemical leaks, all potential hazards can lead to variable levels of accidents and injury that can cause physical and emotional stress. Potential incidents can also lead to compensation claims and a period of time away from the workplace which can be detrimental to both employee and their employer.

In order to avoid potential harm to employees, companies should, where humanly possible, enforce health and safety policies throughout their building and within daily operations. This applies across the board within all business industries; although the number and type of hazards can differ, the consequences can effectively be the same.

Shelving systems are installed across commercial offices and warehouses for the prime purpose of effectively storing a number of products within a room. While the former utilises racking to store bulk stock products upon variable levels using a forklift truck, the latter can be fitted or mobile units to effectively manage folders, stationary and documents.

Although shelving systems are primarily promoted based upon their ability to effectively store any number of products, they are also effective in accordance with health and safety policies. Effective management of work documents and products allows employees to access either item at ease whenever they are required.

Utilising shelving units for this purpose can allow a company to remain organised without leaving clutter and boxes strewn across an office or warehouse. Risk assessments can effectively pinpoint the true benefits of installing racking units to remove potential trip hazards off the floor and onto a safe storage space. As companies are legally obligated to adhere to health and safety regulations set by the Government, shelving units can play their own role within ensuring employees have a safe working environment in which to be productive and efficient.

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