New apartments are being fitted with under floor heating systems

In towns up and down the UK developers are busy breathing new life into properties. The way people live is changing and there’s a huge demand for houses and flats. Forget the conventional, all kinds of properties are being converted into houses and flats. These range from churches and old offices through to shops and even cinemas. Pretty much any kind of building can be converted and turned into contemporary living space. And buyers are snapping them up.

These cutting edge properties need to have cutting edge heating systems. For years houses and flats always had radiators or storage heaters. That’s just how things were done, but is it the best way and most comfortable way to heat a home? Not necessarily.

Electric underfloor heating offers something very different and very much in tune with contemporary urban living and stylish converted apartments. Under floor heating systems up the levels of comfort and luxury, but without upping the bills too. It’s the best of both worlds. A warmer home and lower energy bills. After all household bills only seem to be rocketing upwards.

Electric underfloor heating is taking off in a big way. Home buyers are increasingly checking to make sure that the properties they are interested in have this great feature. It’s always important to think ahead. It might be summer now, but when winter rolls around again it’s going to be lovely to switch on under floor heating systems and shut the worst of the weather out. Perfect for curling up on those long dark and cold evenings.

People want more from their homes. Features that were once considered luxurious are now expected as standard. A great heating system is the perfect finishing touch a developer can add to properties they are converting. It makes them even more comfortable and appealing.

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