Up the sense of luxury with under floor heating

Developers are becoming increasingly ambitious with the properties they are converting and bringing to the market. High end apartments and houses in prime locations must be appointed with the kind of luxury features buyers at this end of the market come to expect. Only the very best will do and that means right down to the very last detail.

The ultimate in home comfort when the weather turns cold is electric under floor heating. It’s a wonderful addition that adds a luxurious touch to any kind of property. Just imagine walking across the room and feeling all of that lovely warmth rising up from under the floor. Perfect on a cold and chilly day, which in the UK is most of the time!

A luxury house or high specification apartment must meet a rigorous check list. Only the very best will do. And the really great thing about it? Under floor heating systems might feel luxurious, but they are actually a really efficient way to heat a home. Not only do they create a wonderful warm home, but they won’t send fuel bills spiralling either.

Electric under floor heating helps to create new levels or warmth and comfort. Add it to the mix with features like luxury bathrooms, built in speaker systems and electric curtains or blinds to create an incredible sense of luxury and style.

Under floor heating systems are relatively simple to install and set up. They can easily be included in the specification and design of new flats and houses, adding a fantastic feature that is bound to appeal to prospective buyers.

Cutting corners with the heating system means that a property doesn’t feel complete. Add the perfect finishing touch by installing an under floor system for a heightened sense of luxury. It’s the smarter and more efficient way to heat a home.

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