Yoga can be beneficial for expectant mums

One of the reasons why so many people around the world don their yoga clothes and get stuck into the activity is because there are different versions of the discipline and there is something to suit virtually all preferences and needs.

For example, pregnant women can slip into their yoga wear and go through the exercises in order to help them cope with the physical difficulties of carrying a baby and of giving birth. One woman who is passionate about antenatal yoga is Lynnette Garstang.

According to a report in the Haverhill Echo, the 39-year-old has set up weekly classes to help attendees deal with pregnancy and labour. The expert suggested that the sessions help to instil the importance of building muscle memory.

She stated: “The whole idea of this is that it makes everything instinctive, so when you are in labour you don’t stop and think what do I have to do next. The whole aim at the end of the day is to give that positive labour experience.”

As the mother of a two-year-old boy, she has personal experience of what is needed to get through pregnancy.

Her classes combine yoga, breathing exercises and self hypnosis and students can sign up for one, two or three of the six-week terms. Meanwhile, they can join from their 14th week of pregnancy.

Across the UK and in many other countries around the world, the popularity of antenatal yoga is rising. Meanwhile, once women have their babies, they can carry on getting into their yoga clothes and attending classes. There are special mother and baby sessions for people to make the most of.

Of course, the sessions intended for expectant mothers are less physically demanding than many of the more active forms of the discipline. Often, they focus on breathing and concentration.

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