Making the Most of the Increase in Gluten Free Foods

There was a time that needing a gluten free diet would mean that many public gatherings would be a no go if they involved eating. Even finding food to eat at home could mean a very bland diet of mainly fruit and vegetables with little variety.

Today, however, things are different. Far more is known about food intolerances and allergies and, as such, far more people are finding out that they have a gluten allergy and need to change their diet accordingly. It is estimated that nearly three quarters of a million people in the UK now suffer from gluten intolerance and, therefore, there is a massive

market that needs to be catered for.

With such demand manufacturers are more willing to invest in production and development so it is now easier than ever to find food on the shelves. There is even a fair selection in most restaurants that is suitable for coeliacs. Having said that, for those looking to cook for themselves or their guests, supermarkets can have a very limited selection of gluten free foods, buying online can offer a wider variety. Online shopping for special diets of all kinds can make the process far easier and gives you a far greater selection of great tasting and healthy food, without a trace of the cereals to be avoided – oats, rye, wheat and barley.

It is still true however that some people with coeliac disease do not even realise they have it, struggling on with symptoms such as sluggishness, tiredness, headaches and many other digestive problems. Until the disease has been diagnosed they will continue to eat gluten and in turn show long lasting signs of pain, discomfort and eventually malnutrition.

What can be done about spotting coeliac disease?

There are tests available and your doctor will make these available to you. A short elimination trial may help you decide if gluten is the key. Buying health food online, or your local health food shop that is gluten free may be an easy way to see if such a change could help you. By eliminating gluten from your diet for a week or two should give you some idea.

If during this time you want to eat out with friends or family, many restaurants now cater for coeliacs too and therefore simply taking the time to phone around could help you to get the perfect gluten free meal when you are out too.

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