The importance of a Visitor Book

A visitor book is an essential piece of health and safety equipment that many workplaces require. Having a visitor book at the entrance point of a workplace ensures that every person who visits the site signs in and out when they leave the building. For health and safety purposes workplaces must know who and how many people are inside a building in case a fire breaks out and the building has be evacuated. If every visitor has used the visitor book it makes it easy to account for all people and ensures that they are all safe in the event of an emergency. Lots of retailers sell visitors signing in book products and they come in a number of different sizes and styles depending on what information needs to be recorded.

Often a visitor book will use carbon paper so the details are copied onto a register beneath then the visitor tears out the part they have filled in and this will often be placed into a visitors badge to show who they are and the purpose of their visit for safety reasons. Nurseries and schools will use a visitor book as security is of upmost importance where children are concerned and strict guidelines must be followed so children never come into contact with unauthorised visitors. In order for people in the school or workplace to know who a visitor is they should wear a badge to save any confusion. Many visitors singing in book items will have pre-printed health and safety guidelines that tell visitors what to do in the event of a fire alarm sounding.

Many visitor book products are re-fillable for when all the pages have been used. Retailers who sell visitors books will often be able to create bespoke visitors singing in book solutions that meet the exact requirements of a customer. Some places where security is very strict will need visitors to supply certain types of information and this should be recorded in the visitor book. By having a bespoke visitor book created companies can ensure are accurately collecting all the information they need in a safe and secure way.



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