The importance of Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing often referred to as PAT testing is a service that many electricians offer and ensures that all portable appliances are working safely. The electricity at work regulations act states that it is legal requirement for all employers to ensure they maintain their electrical systems and equipment at work to ensure the safety of their employees. Portable appliance testing was introduced to make sure that regular testing of electrical appliances is carried out to ensure that all appliances are working correctly and are suitable for use in their intended environment. During portable appliance testing a visual inspection of the appliance will be carried out and the flex will be checked to make sure there is no wear or damage. During the PAT testing plug cases should also be checked to ensure they have the right fuse, the wiring is correct and that there is no visible damage.

After a visual inspection of the item has been carried out the portable appliance testing officer will then move on to test the electrical workings of the item. This will be done using an electrical PAT testing device. Once an item has been through the portable appliance testing process a label will be placed on it stating the date it was tested and if it passed or failed the test. Any appliances that fail should be taken away for repair. The electrician who carried out the portable appliance testing will issue customers with an appliance register, certificate and detailed test results that they should keep on file for future reference and to prove that they have had portable appliance testing carried out in their workplace.

Portable appliance testing also known as PAT testing needs to be carries out in educational settings, hospitality settings, NHS buildings, government offices, construction sites, factories, warehouses, offices, retail premises, show rooms and any other workplaces that use a number of portable appliances. Portable appliance testing is extremely important and can help to ensure the safety of employees, the public and business premises. carries out all portable appliance testing with the greatest care and attention to each and every detail and guarantee that all bases are covered. PAT testing never fails to deliver the goods.