After Chelsea won the Champions League on the May 19th 2012, there was a lot of Londoners laughing all the way to the bank. Few football fans outside of London and only the Chelsea fans there thought that they would beat Barcelona in the two leg semi-final, but beat Barcelona they did. There were a lot of bookies shaking in their boots at the thought of paying out on a Chelsea win because although the favourites were Barcelona, the odds were so short that anyone trying to win a pretty penny had their money on Chelsea. Those that had bet online on had the best result of all as this online bookmaker had the longest odds on Chelsea.

2012 Winners and Losers

If there are winners then it stands to reason there has to be losers and although Barcelona sported La Liga’s highest scoring player Messi, they could not make it to the Champion’s League final in Munich Were the German giants Bayern would host the final in their own stadium. Bayern Munich saw off Real Madrid in the other semi-final in over two legs and this something few punters had placed bets on.

History in the Winning

If anyone had studied the form guides before the Champions League final and placed their bets based on history, they would have been sorely disappointed. In their previous 35 home Champions League games, Bayern Munich had won 25 and in the previous 14 they ran out winners 13 times. Chelsea on the other hand, had won just 12 of their previous 41 away fixtures in the Champions League. That though, is the beauty of Champions League football. Anyone can win on the night, except that is for Tottenham. They lost their place in next year’s top European competition as fourth placed qualifiers in the Premier League when Chelsea won the right to defend their new title by winning in the final.

A look at the Champions League 2013

Next year’s Champions League will no doubt feature the emerging stars that gain a reputation in the Euros. Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid have already hinted that they will spend big, but will they compete with Manchester City’s big pockets?

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