Holiday trend may boost demand for temporary car insurance

It is no surprise that many holidaymakers opt to drive from the UK to the continent to enjoy vacations in Europe. After a short ferry ride, they can explore a whole range of countries and the weather on the other side of the Channel tends to be much more favourable during the summer months than it is in Britain. Some of these individuals make use of cheap temporary car insurance to cover them while they are away.

Indeed, demand for short term car insurance like this may rise as interest in breaks abroad goes up. According to Colin Ramsay, owner of Ramsay World Travel, more people are seeking to take trips to other countries and there are plenty of good offers for them to make the most of, the Scotland Courier reports.

His firm has seen a surge in activity unparalleled in its 25-year history, he claimed, adding: “In the next 12 to 18 months we expect there to be more great deals for holidaymakers.”

He went on to state: “We have seen the cost of holidays drop around five and ten per cent and we expect that to continue. There are massive bargains to be had and fantastic deals for 2013. There has never been a better time to get away.”

One of the things that may work in the favour of cheap temporary car insurance customers who are heading to Europe is the fact that the pound has gained strength against the euro.

According to the news source, for every £500 changed into euros, UK tourists will have the equivalent of around £50 more to spend when they make their trips. Meanwhile, Sterling has also gained against eastern European currencies, it noted.

To save themselves even more money, a lot of consumers may be shopping around for competitive short term car insurance.

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