The range of Clifford Car Alarms

Clifford car alarms are some of the best products in car security and offer the latest technology to help protect your vehicle from vandals. The range of Clifford car alarms has been in production for over 20 years and in that time Clifford has time and time again delivered the latest in car security with innovative breakthroughs and sophisticated concepts. The range of Clifford car alarms offer a number of outstanding features such as multi-level arming, warn away, event history, status LED light, remote valet, power door locks, power trunk and much more. The latest Clifford car alarms feature a remote start capability which means users can start their engine whilst the car remains locked and this is ideal for cold wintry days so the car can warm up and defrost before drivers have to get inside.

There are many different models to choose from when it comes to Clifford car alarms and the one that a person chooses will depend on their and the specific alarm features that they are looking for. The most cost effective Clifford car alarms don’t compromise on quality and still have wonderful security features such as dual zone vibration sensor and a 6-tone siren. Clifford car alarms also feature things like optional keyless entry and a built in parking light flasher for the owner’s convenience. The more advanced Clifford car alarms are the only car alarms in the UK that have a remote start feature that is insurance approved. These advanced Clifford car alarms also feature things like a glass tamper senor and a tilt and motion sensor for extra security and peace of mind.

If as well as Clifford car alarms you are also interested in motorhome security then the same retailers may sell both these products. Motorhome security is very important to motorhome owners as they are very valuable vehicles and will often have many valuable items inside. Ensuring that your motorhome security is up to standard is vital to help prevent anyone from taking your vehicle. The range of motorhome security products includes alarm systems, trackers and immobilisers all of which can prevent your motorhome from being stolen or vandalised. Motorhome security can be fitted with internal and external sensors but you can disable the internal sensors when you are inside such as night time whilst still having the external ones for extra security. has the most extensive and wide ranging assortment of top notch Clifford car alarms which are in perfect working order. We specialise in the most up to date motorhome security.