Digital Colour Print A5 Tent Calendars- counting the days to your success!

If you are sick and tired of seeing your- screwed up – flyers strewn over every high street on which they were initially distributed by your obligatory- eye catching – PA bunny girls or simply looking for an alternative method of advertising or marketing after failing to see any return upon your traditional- paper leaflet and poster – approach, look no further than an A5 tent calendar from Colour Digital Print, where for excellent calendar printing and for swiftly supplying a customised A5 tent calendar to a number of companies nationwide, we are becoming renowned for our ‘attention to detail’ approach to customer care and fabulous range of calendar printing services alike!

Welcome to Colour Digital Print. We are passionate about high quality, aesthetically pleasing calendar printing and boast a team of professional calendar printing experts who can complete practically any project- no matter how big or small – quickly and affordably. So, if you have recently had a stroke of genius and need to get a promotion up and running ASAP, we are only too willing to help facilitate your A5 tent calendar order and have you reaping the rewards at break neck speed!

If you remain unconvinced however and fail to have ‘bought’ into the obvious benefits of a customised A5 tent calendar as a means of advertising, customer retention or PR; an A5 tent calendar, made using professional calendar printing, is ALWAYS highly advantageous. ANYONE can make use of an A5 tent calendar; an A5 tent calendar must be looked at EVERYDAY and what’s more, an A5 tent calendar can be transferred and utilised ANYWHERE!

To illustrate our point, your existing or potential clients may have scrimped for years to realise their Australian epic adventure dreams or even achieved a double blue line fantasy and are expecting a little bundle of joy but one thing remains the same; they can both count down on an A5 tent calendar – emblazoned with your logo, produced using our calendar printing services – to count the days down to their big event!

Whatever the big occasion you are counting the days down to, consider counting them down in style with an A5 tent calendar. Made by a trusted calendar printing company customised with images and text, an A5 tent calendar can be placed upon any surface and is fully transferable to any location.

Our main product may be an A5 tent calendar and we may specialise in superlative calendar printing services but we are by no means, one dimensional and our team our committed to guiding you further. To choose a style of A5 tent calendar suitable to transmit your corporate image or simply peruse our range of affordable calendar printing options, visit us today.



An A5 tent calendar from will satisfy even the most discerning individual as it is quite simply irresistible. All calendar printing tasks are carried out by skilled and seasoned specialists.