‘Put the Gun Down’ Pick up Personal Safety Training today.

Don’t become a mute wall flower who refuses to go out after dark because of the terrible attacks reported in the news everyday! Refuse to roll over and take ‘it’ when threatened by yobs in the street who frankly, aren’t worth the muck on the bottom of your shoe!

Rape alarms and pepper sprays are both highly effective, yet fail to deter determined individuals with ‘attack’ at their very core. So, have you considered an alternative? You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to defend yourself; become a stronger person with personal safety courses and personal safety training more effective than any weapon!

Premier Self- Defence are a leading- London based – facility who currently offer a range of personal safety courses and personal safety training to much of society; they are constantly on the lookout for new clients who could benefit from their elite personal safety training and personal safety courses- developed through years of experience and knowledge of personal safety courses and their proven worth.

Premier Self- Defence are passionate about personal safety courses and personal safety training, which is reflected in their approach to customer care. From your initial enquiry to the time you successfully complete your personal safety courses with them, Premier Self- Defence will be with you every step of the way; to answer your questions and support your quest for personal safety.

Time and again, we are encouraged to ‘never fight back’ but Premier Self- Defence take a different stance to personal safety training. Although they would never advocate inflicting pain on an individual, they listen to the statistics and- given that women who fight back are more likely to remain unscathed – teach women, adults and children alike- during their personal safety courses, using qualified martial arts tutors – teach modern, sensible methods of self defence that are proving effective nationwide.

Arm yourself against a potential mugging that could have your sobbing into your pillow tonight; minus a- highly expensive to replace – iphone AND your dignity and seek personal safety training today. Premier Self Defence personal safety courses and personal safety training can teach you all the defence skills you could ever need, to fight back against any criminals who are lurking around every dark corner, waiting to pounce when you least expect it.

Expect the unexpected and fight back against crime with personal safety training and personal safety courses from Premier- Defence today.



Personal safety training from PremierSelfDefence.co.uk is carried out by fully skilled and qualified experts who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. All personal safety courses are ever so useful.