Upgrade to a turtle mat

So the housework is all done. The house is spotless. There’s not a speck of dirt or fluff on the carpets and floors are all spotless. A job well done. Shame it doesn’t seem to last more than five minutes though. The kids come in from school and tramp around the house without wiping their feet when they come in. Then the man of the house comes home after a day at work. Dirty great boots tramping dirt here, there and everywhere. It’s enough to get any house proud person down. All that work for nothing. Still, keep on smiling and just do it all over again. And again.

Time perhaps then to think about getting a new mat and not just any old one either. Turtle mats have been specially designed to do a better job of absorbing dirt. That means that when people wipe their feet on a turtle mat it really gets the job done, which means less dirt and mud in the house. Great news for anyone struggling to keep up with the cleaning.

These ingenious designs make a huge difference. They help keep carpets and floors dirt free, which means all that hard work cleaning the place up doesn’t go to waste.

Turtle mats are washable too. Once they start to get clogged with dirt and grime they can just go in the wash ready to start working all over again. It’s time to say no to muddy foot prints and dirt and mud. A turtle mat keeps dirt where it belongs. At the door.

Versus a regular mat it’s no contest. Everyone could do with a helping hand around the house and that’s what these great mats do. They’re great value for money too and paying that little bit extra goes a long long way.

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