Is Your Pet Overweight?

There is often nothing cuter than a fat little puppy with doughy eyes staring up at you from under the folds of his podgy little face. It is very easy to find such a sight extremely cute, but actually, the chances are that this very cute pup is actually quite considerably overweight.

The warning signs of pet obesity are obvious and yet the majority of us choose to ignore them, either not consciously even realising these animals are far fatter than they should be or not understanding the serious health problems that can arise as a result of obesity.

Since your pet may gain weight slowly, it is not always obvious that they are overweight, and you might simply grow used to seeing them as they are and not give their size a second thought. However, if you are uncertain, simply asking others who do not see your dog or cat regularly may help you understand if they are overweight. What may be easier however, is simply placing your hands on your animal’s body to see if you can feel their ribs or not.

Other warning signs include a propensity to avoid exercise, and lethargy. If they are not too keen on getting out and about to run around and prefer instead to sleep the day away, there is a very good chance that they are overweight and suffering for it, too.

Obesity can cause many serious and debilitating problems in animals. As such, it is wise to do something about overweight animals the moment you realise. The right dog supplies are a good place to start if you have an overweight pooch. From getting them the right food (it will be far cheaper to pay a little more for a prescription diet than to pay the many vet’s bills that are likely to accompany obesity in the long run) through to toys that will get them up and exercising again, the right dog supplies and a visit to the vet will be important from the moment you realise there is a problem.

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