Sports bandages can help treat chafing injuries

When people engage in endurance sports, such as marathon running, it is important they protect their bodies from wear and tear. The events are hard enough in themselves without individuals having to worry about the pain caused by injuries.

Recently, author and physiotherapist Paula Coates noted that certain sports supports and other products can come in handy when people are running long distances. The expert suggested that chafing can be a problem for athletes, the Sun reports.

She said: “Often you’ll see people hobbling towards the end of a marathon because the chafing has become unbearable – the under-arms, bra line, inner thighs and nipples are most common problem areas.”

In order to prevent this, people can wear specialist running tops and shorts to help keep their skin dry. Also, Vaseline, sports lubricant and plasters can all come in handy.

When it comes to treating chafing damage, it is a good idea for people to wash the affected areas with soap and water and then to apply an antibacterial agent to prevent infection, Ms Coates noted. She went on to recommend covering the area in a light bandage.

There are many different products available for people to choose from and whether they are looking for an adhesive bandage or anything else, individuals can source them online.

Meanwhile, other injuries associated with running long distances include blisters and sunburn, the specialist pointed out. She went on to say that anyone who suffers from so-called ‘runner’s knee’ should “take a break from running and see a specialist podiatrist or sports physio who can pinpoint the main underlying cause”.

It is also a good idea for people to have access to an instant cold pack when they are engaging in running or other activities. Items like this can be used to control pain and reduce swelling in the event of certain injuries.

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