Grab the chance to undertake training in first aid

Work might seem like a safe and benign environment, but that’s not to say accidents won’t happen. Every workplace needs trained first aiders on hand just in case. Incidents will happen and the intervention of a first aider can make all of the difference. Having training in first aid can even save someone’s life.

If anyone is given the chance to undertake work first aid training they should think carefully about the opportunity. It’s a valuable skill and one that they can use in all walks of life. Without volunteers the workplace wouldn’t be such a safe environment.

The great thing about these skills is that they can be used anywhere, not just at work. Trained first aiders volunteer for all kinds of events, like concerts and football matches for example. Without their time and input these events couldn’t go ahead safely. Someone will never know when their skills are required. A random intervention on the street could make a huge difference to someone else’s life if they have an accident or are taken ill suddenly.

Work first aid training gives people the chance to acquire these skills. It’s nice to put something back and be able to help others. First aid intervention can prevent small incidents becoming more serious and help stabilise the situation before professional paramedics arrive.

If it wasn’t for people volunteering to undertake training in first aid the rest of the workplace and indeed society at large wouldn’t have access and recourse to immediate first aid intervention. Everyone is grateful for the efforts of this army of volunteers. Maybe it’s time to join them. It’s a rewarding way to put a little something back.

Courses take new students through the theory first before giving them the chance to put this knowledge into practice in a series of practical exercises.

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