The Big Rise of the Designer Watch

Just as with any other item that you wear or carry, designer watches are a sought after item and carry a hefty price tag to match. A trend perhaps started by the likes of Rolex and Cartier from the 1950s onwards and popularised in the 1990s boom years, a designer watch became a status symbol and, as with most status symbols, became larger and larger in more of an attempt to show it off as per the peacock effect.

Initially, men’s watches were quite small and discreet, designed to fit under shirt cuffs and jacket sleeves. However, as fashions have changed, this has become less of a consideration, and watch sizes have increased to become larger, flashier and more desired. Likewise, as other male fashion items such as designer suits, cufflinks and ties have somewhat disappeared from many men’s general work attire, a watch was another way in which they could show their status off.

It must be said, however, that the majority of the big name designer watches do constitute excellent timepieces able to withstand harsh conditions and altering air pressures without losing time. In fact, the trend for larger watches can probably be attributed to pilots, who certainly needed a larger strap to be able to fasten it over their flying jacket. Consequently, many designer men’s watches follow the design of traditional ‘pilot watches’, with simple, clear faces that would be easy to read quickly while flying. As a pilot is considered to be a good job, many designer fashion items also originate in the cockpit – a leather flying jacket, being another.

A designer watch is made up of a number of very small and intricate parts made from quality materials which work seamlessly to give you a reliable and accurate timepiece that requires very little maintenance or servicing.

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