CCTV Operators Have More to Think About than Watching the Screen

As technology has improved, more and more businesses (and homes) are choosing to install CCTV in order to ward off criminals, and also to have a stronger chance of catching any that do follow through with their crime. However, for CCTV to have a positive effect, it needs to be manned and monitored by professional staff that know what they are doing. Correct operation requires not just the ability to spot and catch criminals, but to do so legally and safely. SIA courses in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance) will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge required to carry out this role to the best ability.

There are a number of legal issues in relation to the operation of CCTV in public spaces in the UK. As well as establishing a need for the CCTV, an appointed person or organisation then needs to take responsibility for the scheme and inform all operators of its purpose. The public needs to be informed (usually through signage) that CCTV is being used and operators need to understand and recognise privacy implications.

The SIA was introduced in the UK in 2003 to ensure that those working in the private security industry were appropriately trained and qualified to do so. Anyone working in front line security roles must carry out the appropriate security training courses to ensure they are suitably qualified for their role. Passing these SIA courses will then allow them to apply for the licence for that role, which is not then transferable to a different security role.

Most security training courses and security roles don’t require you to have any previous knowledge, training or experience in the industry, although you will need to have basic levels of literacy and numeracy in English, as CCTV Operators often have to write reports detailing what they witnessed in the footage and any subsequent action taken.

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