Becoming a Door Supervisor Requires a Certain Level of Customer Service Too

Although perhaps not the best example of day to day (or night to night) activities associated with the role, Channel 4�s �Bouncers� programme, shown back in February, revealed the extent of work that is involved with being a door supervisor. Rather than just being people who stand around accepting and refusing entry to the city�s hotspot venues, door supervisors have a hard job to do and play an important role in upholding security, keeping the peace and ensuring the well-being of customers.

Door supervisors don�t just supervise doors either � they are hired to man festivals, patrol inside venues, search customers for weapons and drugs, and aid police, among other things. Channel 4�s show also showed us quite clearly that you need to have a certain degree of social skills too � two of the bouncers featured were subsequently removed from the venues they worked for insulting the customers � and sometimes the right way with words is the best way of defusing tension. In order to become a door supervisor, you will need to take an SIA training course and then apply for your licence.

SIA security courses cover all the essential aspects you�ll need to become a door supervisor. Every SIA training course will cover the necessary core learning for every security professional role, such as the legal aspects, health and safety, what to do in an emergency and those ever important customer service skills. The rest of the training will focus on skills specific to the door supervisor role, as well as conflict management and physical intervention skills. After a minimum of 30 hours� training, you will then need to pass three exams, plus a module in Physical Intervention.

Passing any security courses does not qualify you to work in the private security industry, however. You will also need to apply for your SIA licence, which is then valid for three years.

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