Weigh up everything before Mole Removal

Moles are an irregularity in the skin and are regularly removed from the body for both medical and cosmetic reasons. There is no timescale on moles appearing. They can emerge over time or just as commonly be there from birth. Many people choose to get their moles removed by a surgeon who uses cutting, freezing or burning techniques. Laser mole removal is also sometimes used, but this often does not penetrate deep enough.

Before mole removal surgery, the area will be cleansed with alcohol or another suitable material. The mole can then be removed and stitches may be required to seal up the cut. Bandages will be used to cover the wound and information will be provided by your surgeon on the best possible ways to look after it.

The wound will need to be cleaned daily and an antibiotic salve applied continually until the wound heals. The best possible care should be taken to make sure the wound never gets dirty. Any strenuous trauma upon the area should be avoided. A check-up with the surgeon weeks after the mole has been removed is common but sometimes deemed not a necessity, depending on the mole.

Mole removal does come with an element of risk. There is a chance of infection, allergy or even the slight possibility of nerve damage. It is extremely important to visit a reputable practitioner who is experienced with mole removal surgery. This will reduce the risks attached to the procedure.

Many people want moles removed for cosmetic reasons but it needs to be said that mole removal can lead to scarring. By speaking to your surgeon before the procedure, you can get an idea of the size of the scar after the mole has been removed.

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