Why Choose Private Healthcare?

There are several reasons why people decide to visit a private clinic to sort out their health problems – instead of using the NHS in Manchester.

People enjoy the comfort of having their own room, often with en-suite facilities and some people require a service that is not offered on the NHS, such as a cosmetic treatment.

A principal reason for choosing private healthcare over the NHS is to avoid the lengthy waiting lists for treatments. The NHS has cut down on waiting times for essential procedures but it is still unable to offer the same speed of service as a private clinic. If a procedure can be completed quicker, a patient who is suffering with pain may decide that going private is preferable. Many private specialists offer appointments outside of work hours so it isn’t necessary to take long stretches off work.

Another reason people choose to be seen privately is that they get to see a private doctor of their choice. If you are an NHS patient, this will only usually happen if the problem is particularly complex.

Some people are able to secure private medical care through their employer but the majority take out a private healthcare insurance policy to cover them.

The amount of emergency facilities on offer is smaller in private healthcare, because most of the operations that are performed in the private sector are routine. In the event of emergency treatment, it is often the case that you would be transferred to a NHS hospital.

Your private doctor can offer advice if you are thinking about getting private treatment. A private hospital will often specialise in a particular treatment, and you can visit first to see if it is somewhere you would actually like to be treated.

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