Need to make an asbestos claim?

These days we all know how dangerous asbestos can be to our health, yet it’s estimated that around 1.8million people are still exposed to asbestos with it being in around half a million buildings throughout the UK. That, combined with the fact that asbestos-related illnesses and cancers take decades to develop, means that deaths from the deadly substance are still on the rise. Over 2,000 cases of mesothelioma (an asbestos-related cancer) are diagnosed every year, and if you or someone you love is suffering then it’s time to make an asbestos claim.

Claims such as this are made against employers whose negligence meant people were exposed to asbestos earlier in life, and a recent landmark ruling meant it will now be easier for sufferers (or the families of those that have died) to receive the necessary compensation. Insurance liability is now placed at the time the individual was exposed to asbestos and not when symptoms first appeared, leading the way for people to make claims on policies dating as far back as the 1940s. It’s thought that claims could range from tens of thousands to several million pounds, so it’s high time sufferers got the compensation they deserve.

If you need to make an asbestos claim the best thing you can do is seek personal injury solicitors to help. They’ll be able to fight your case to ensure you get the asbestos compensation you deserve, and thanks to this recent ruling it should now be easier to achieve the necessary results. The insurance policy that was in place at the time of exposure (coming under the employers’ liability bracket) should ensure effective payout, and it will cover those who have already contracted the deadly illness as well as those who haven’t yet developed symptoms, so don’t suffer in silence and you could get the asbestos compensation you need.

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