Mountain biking adventure holidays

Some people are just full of get up and go. They don’t know how to sit around and relax. So when holiday time rolls around they want a break that is action packed with loads going on. People visit the mountains all year around. When the snow melts in the spring a new kind of visitor arrives – mountain bikers.

Europe’s mountain ranges are a playground for mountain bikers. They come from all over the world to test their skills out on the trails and tracks that criss cross the valleys and mountain ranges. Organised activity holidays package the experience up so people get the most out of their trip.

Adventure holidays like this include bike hire and organised biking trips. Without a bit of local knowledge it can be hard to find the best trails and white knuckle experiences. There’s a package for everyone, from people new to the sport to experienced riders who are looking for the ultimate mountain biking experience. It’s a great way to get started or to test skills to the limit.

And the great thing about these kind of activity holidays is that there’s plenty of other things to do. It’s not just all about the bike. There’s world class hiking and climbing to be had, plus plenty of bars and restaurants to unwind in at the end of the day. It’s not all biking.

Adventure holidays offer a very different kind of experience. There’s no time to be bored. It’s just go go go, which suits active people and thrill seekers down to the ground. The mountain bike trails on the continent are out of this world and it’s an incredible experience to ride in such beautiful and awe inspiring scenery. So perhaps this year it’s time to give the beach a miss and get on the bike instead

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