Can Digital Printing Compete with Traditional Print?

When anything goes digital, the initial results tend to be cheaper and easier, but at the expense of quality. However, over recent years, digital technology has often even started to surpass traditional processes even in terms of quality, and from film to music, the digital world seems to be slowly taking over.

However, when it comes to printing, many still prefer lithographic print over digital, and very few digital printers can offer the same depth or quality that is offered by traditional printing. But is that changing, or will digital never be able to compete with lithographic printing?

In a few instances, digital print can already offer the same quality results that traditional printing can. Indigo printers seem to be the first range of digital printers to actually be able to get the results that have been lacking from digital printers in the past. In the majority of cases in the past, digital printing was only used by those looking to utilise very small print runs, or those unable to afford the best possible printing. However, indigo printing is starting to change that, and many people are finding that they can get the results they want at a much lower price, when using companies that print using Indigo printers.

It is always worth testing digital printing before you commit though. Digital printing in the past has tended to leave solid colours looking uneven and fonts less crisp, or has even slightly altered colours from the exact tone they should be. Whilst Indigo printing seems to have eradicated almost all such problems, testing a small run is likely to be extremely cheap to do when utilising digital printing and therefore it is worth doing before you look to make a costly order.

Ultimately, digital printing is already starting to give lithograph printing a run for its money in terms of quality, whilst reducing time and costs immensely. So, yes, digital can finally compete with traditional printing and it is worth businesses looking to see if a change might now be right for them.

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