What to Consider when Choosing Gold or Platinum Wedding Rings

A marriage is of course a very happy and important occasion which needs to be celebrated accordingly. This doesn’t mean that the wedding itself needs to be elaborate or ostentatious; it simply means that the bride and groom need to display a commitment to each other that will clearly illustrate the depth of their feelings for one another.

The most common way of displaying and affirming this kind of commitment is through the wearing of rings. Indeed, wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of matrimonial unity as they remind the individuals who wear them of their love and commitment every single day.

Naturally, any couple that is looking to buy rings for their big day will want to choose the best available. And, when it comes to the best, few wedding rings can match the beauty, elegance and sheer timelessness of gold and platinum rings.

These precious metals are without doubt the most appropriate symbol of a lifelong commitment as they will endure beyond many decades of married life.

Whilst gold has long been a traditional setting for wedding jewellery, platinum is a relative newcomer to the scene. Deciding whether to opt for platinum or gold wedding rings is of course a matter of personal choice. However, there are certain factors which a bride and groom would do well to consider before they make any concrete decisions.

When it comes to style, platinum is generally associated with a more contemporary and modern look; gold on the other hand is considered to be a more traditional choice. When couples are thinking about their preferred ring styles, they should remember to consider the future as well as the present as they will (hopefully) be wearing their rings for many years to come.

Whilst gold will of course stand the test of time; platinum is in fact a stronger and more durable metal. Couples who decide to opt for gold would do well to select rings ranging from 14-18 carats, as high carats deliver more intense colours yet provide less in the way of durability.

When it comes to price, gold typically offers the best value for your money. This is because the impressive durability of platinum makes it more expensive to buy than gold.

Complimenting existing jewellery
Brides especially must consider whether or not their wedding ring will need to compliment their existing jewellery. For example, any bride who exclusively wears silver jewellery may well find a platinum ring to be the better option for accenting her existing pieces. In contrast, any lady who wears nothing but gold jewellery would naturally fair better with a gold ring. Grooms too may have these considerations if they have a favourite watch or bracelet.

Regardless of what their final choice might be, a happy couple will find that either platinum or gold wedding rings really are the very best options when it comes to expressing their love and commitment for each other.

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