Guide to Diamond Eternity Rings

Despite what most people might think, diamond rings aren’t just bought for engagements and weddings. Indeed, the unparalleled beauty, style and glamour of diamonds also makes them the perfect choice for eternity rings too.

What is an eternity ring?
An eternity ring is a ring that showcases precious stones (diamonds) all around the entire band. The ring itself is a symbol of everlasting love; therefore anybody who wants to declare (or re-declare) their undying love for a special someone can do so in great style with this type of ring.

Should it be given on a special occasion?
There are no set rules regarding the giving of eternity rings. Indeed, they can be given to mark a special occasion such as an anniversary or simply given as a lovely surprise to let someone know just how much they are loved.

As with diamond engagement and wedding rings, there are a number of aspects which buyers need to keep in mind when they are shopping for a diamond eternity ring. To be sure, the way in which the diamonds are set, the number of stones, the size of the ring and the colour of the band are all vitally important issues which need to be addressed.

Diamond settings
The main differences in eternity ring styles come from the various different diamond settings. The most popular settings are: prong, pave, channel and bezel. Each of these settings has its own unique advantages, so choosing one over another is really just a matter of preference.

Number of stones
Once a buyer has decided on a setting, they next need to think about the quantity of diamonds they would like to have. Naturally, having more diamonds set around the ring will mean using smaller sized stones whilst having fewer diamonds will mean using larger stones. Both effects are stunning, and again the choice of which option is best will depend largely on the buyer’s (and more so on the recipient’s) tastes and preferences. One thing that buyer’s would do well to bear in mind is that a greater quantity of smaller diamonds will usually cost less than a smaller quantity of larger diamonds.

Size of the ring
Given that the diamonds cover the entire length of an eternity ring band, resizing can naturally be somewhat problematic. Therefore, buyers really ought to do everything they can beforehand to ensure they get the right size from the start.

Colour of the band
The final piece of the diamond eternity ring jigsaw is the type of metal and colour of the band. Platinum is far and away the most exclusive choice as it is not only incredibly durable, it is also great at retaining its colour. Gold is a perennial favourite that offers buyers several different options. Indeed, yellow gold provides a very ‘real’ looking gold colour whilst white gold has a similar appearance to platinum. In addition, there is also pink gold, which is a very contemporary and modern choice.

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