Maxi Dresses

Officially, maxi dresses are full-length dresses that reach the floor. However, you occasionally see ankle length dresses classified as maxi. They are designed to fit and flatter the form and do so for most women. In most cases, they have a nipped in waist that accentuates the figure.

The fabric they are made out of varies, however it is generally quite light. This is because maxi dresses are the most flattering when they are soft, feminine and floaty.

Exactly who came up with the first maxi dress design is very hard to pin down. This is because in many cultures women have worn long dresses of some sort or another for many centuries. However, if you were to put a maxi dress up against the dress of say an Edwardian or Victorian woman you would not feel that you were looking at the same style of dress at all. The only thing they would have in common style wise would be that they both reach the floor.

However, the modern maxi dress was probably invented during the late 1960s. Osca de La Renta is often credited with creating this bold dress. In 1968, he created one for the Elizabeth Arden Salon. However, around about the same time other designers such as use Yves Sant Laurent, Cardin, Dior and several others were also producing similar dresses. As every day dresses, they did not stay popular for long by the mid-70s were very much out of fashion. However, many women still wore them for parties.

Modern Maxi Dresses

Today, maxi dresses are once again back in fashion. There are many different designs and they are made out of all kinds of materials. However, most modern maxi dresses actually look very similar to the original ones. They are made out of the same bold, brightly patterned materials and are very retro chic.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that modern maxi dresses are being brought from the web rather than the High Street. The selection that you get on the High Street is quite limited, whereas on the web the choice is endless.



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