A More Modern Pew to Pull Up in Church

Although most people associate churches with wooden pews, many modern and traditional churches alike are moving more towards stacking chairs. Getting the right kind of chair is important for making sure your congregation of all ages and sizes will be comfortable, particularly during longer periods of time such as during mass, weddings and funerals.

Knowing which church chairs to choose can be tricky because there’s a vast array of colours, sizes and styles. Some have arms, some have gold frames, some have patterned cushions – however, before you start to think too much about your seating choices, decide how much and where the chairs will be used, and whether you’ll need to move them around a lot.

Church chairs which are moveable and stackable can serve a great purpose for doubling up for events in church halls, such as wedding receptions, charity events and coffee mornings. If you are going to be moving the chairs around a lot, then stacking chairs make the process much easier, especially if you also want to be able to remove and store some out of the way to create more space. If the chairs will get a great deal of use and will constantly be on the move, it’s worth investing in a higher quality chair that can really withstand any bumps and knocks.

Your choice of style should largely depend on the décor of the church they will be used in. If you are going to buy some chairs to be left in the church hall as well as the church, do try and stick to the same design, as you may find that you need to add further seating into the church on occasion and mismatched chairs will look out of place. Also make sure your supplier has experience in supplying church chairs and that their chairs meet all safety recommendations and requirements.

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