Helping a Loved One See they Need Rehab

Much is said about how effectively many drug addicts can hide their addictions from loved ones but, in the end, it is usually those around an addict who are far more aware than the addict of just how much help is needed.

However, this does not make it any easier for those trying to help a loved one realise that they need drug rehab to actually achieve their goal. In many cases an ultimatum of ‘the drugs or me’ will be offered, but the power of drugs is often so strong that such a challenge with fall upon deaf ears.

So how do you go about helping a loved one see that they need a full drug detox and to start on the road to recovery?

Firstly, it is important to be honest to yourself about whether or not they have a problem. Drug addiction can befall anyone, and will be totally indiscriminate. Up to 5% of the population have a serious dependency on one form of hard drug or another and therefore you have to be willing to accept that anyone could become an addict.

Showing your loved one exactly what their addiction has done to them (and you) may help them decide they need drug detox therapy. Many addicts will realise what is happening to them but simply allow themselves to block out the huge negative impact that drugs have had on their life. As such, highlighting these issues can often shock a user into realising how much their life has changed.

Where this doesn’t work, an intervention may be necessary. Whether you use a professional company to do this or whether you look to research the most effective approach and stage your own intervention with the addict’s friends and family, an intervention is usually the most successful way to help any addict seek drug rehab.

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