Uber-Stylish and Unusual Designer Watches

A designer watch isn’t just about having a tonne of Swarovski crystals around the edge to add the bling factor or having an oversized Rolex or Cartier watch. To really make your watch stand out from the crowd and get people talking, take a look at the designs from French product designer Philippe Starck.

Paris-born Starck is probably the best known designer in the New Design style. Having designed everything from building interiors to everyday consumer products such as toothbrushes as well as working as an architect, he has also teamed up with Fossil, Inc from 2001 onwards to design a line of designer watches. With him supplying his sleek and contemporary designs, and Fossil providing quality watch manufacturing, you can be certain that these are affordable yet high end watches that will really turn heads.

The majority of watches in the range feature wide bangle style leather, rubber or steel straps. Categorised by either long oblong or rectangular faces that flow seamlessly into the bracelet, or circular dials and rings, the Starck range comprises both analogue and digital watches. The digital versions feature large and clear displays, with the exception of the Digital Orange men’s watch, which has a circular LCD timeline which gradually fills in as time goes by. This watch is an updated version of his Unisex O-Ring digital display watch, which features the same unusual LCD display around a cut-out central ring.

Available in both men’s and ladies’ versions, the Silver Dress Watch is another unusual design, featuring a very discreet silver dial incorporated into its silver bracelet. This watch is perfectly in keeping with Starck’s overall minimalist approach and is sleek enough to be worn with tailored work and evening wear.

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