Analogue or Digital Watches – Which Are Best?

Although most analogue technology is slowly being replaced by its digital counterparts, this is not the case when it comes to watches. Although there is a proliferation of digital watches on the market, the choice of whether to go analogue or digital is usually simply a matter of personal preference.

Going Digital

Digital watches first appeared on the scene in the 1970s, first marketed as men’s watches because of their gadgety feel and look, and were very expensive. From the 1980s, advances in technology meant that digital watches could incorporate many other functions and manufacturers like Casio, Seiko and Timex started to produce men’s watches with appealing features such as calculators, stopwatches and thermometers. When all an analogue watch could offer at the time was an additional date function, then it was easy to see the appeal.

Nowadays, the average watch shop will stock digital watches with many more functions, or even no additional functions at all, as many people who go digital do so simply because they prefer the way a digital clock face reads. Much of the younger generation now go straight towards digital because it saves them having to learn to tell the time!

Nevertheless, many people prefer the classic design of an analogue watch, and you’ll also find plenty of these in your high street or online watch shop. The analogue watch’s appeal comes from not only its traditional clock face, but also the fact that the lack of additional features means that it is much simpler to operate. If you like your watch simply as a timepiece, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for an analogue model, which are usually more elegant and fashionable. Digital watches tend to focus on features and function rather than design, although many of the recent watch trends have also opted towards digital models, such as the recent jelly watch.

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