Protect You and Others with Respirator Masks

Dust or respirator masks enable the wearer to breathe in safely in environments where the air is prone to particles that could be dangerous to breathe in. Respirator masks protect the wearer from breathing in dangerous particles in dusty or asbestos environments, or in places where there is high level of contagious air borne bacteria. Respirator masks are essential in some environments where personal protection and safety is crucial to the wellbeing of respirator masks wearer such as workers on construction sites or surgeons in an operating theatre. As well as protecting the wearer, respirator masks also prevents germs or bacteria escaping from your mouth that could harm others therefore it is crucial that surgeons wear respirator masks during surgery to prevent any bacteria entering the body through the open wound or opening of the body. Respirator masks are designed to be either reusable or disposable dust masks and are categorised accordingly to the respirator masks usage and what types of materials will the respirator masks be exposed to. Harsher or larger particles may need stronger respirator masks and smaller finer particles may require respirator masks that are adequate enough to stop particles from passing through the respirator masks. Disposable dust masks tend to be less water resistant and may become wet if exposed to respiration for long periods of time. Once respirator masks become wet, they are no use and tend to allow in the harmful particles or dust therefore disposable dust masks are not designed to be used for long periods of time and are not reusable. Be careful not to reuse disposable dust masks otherwise you risk not being protected at all. Disposable dust masks tend to be less expensive than the heavy duty respirator masks which are designed for those who require continuous protection. Before using, check the rating of the respirator masks which will give you an indication of what level of protection they offer. Some respirator masks can be fitted with gas filters to protect against gases, solvents or vapours which also have different ratings to protect against certain gas particles.



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