Competitive Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes Can be Found

If you receive a motoring conviction then you can have a tough time even finding an insurer who is willing to offer you a deal and those who do offer you a convicted driver insurance policy will quite often want to charge you extremely high premiums.

This is not so surprising because, after all, your track record shows that you are at an increased risk of claiming on your insurance, or causing problems on the road. Of course, this is not necessarily true and the incident which lead to your conviction may have simply been a one off occurrence and it may be a bit unfair for you to have to pay a huge amount more on your convicted driver insurance premiums for the rest of your life, as a result.

Specialist Providers

Luckily, there are still some motor insurance companies who will offer very competitive quotes to convicted drivers. They are usually not the most mainstream, well-known companies, but they are there, so you really should spend some time researching the best insurance companies for convicted driver insurance.

There are still plenty of insurance companies out there who do not hold a motor conviction against a driver and recognise that they may not pose an increased risk as a driver at all. These companies will offer very affordable convicted driver insurance quotes which are much more reasonable than your average insurer would offer.


Of course, the deal you can get on your convicted driver insurance will largely depend on the type of offence that you committed. Some driving offences are much less serious than others. Speeding, for instance is nowhere near as bad as drink driving, so if you have simply been convicted for speeding, you can get a better deal than say someone who has been arrested for drink driving offences and will likely get a better deal on convicted driver insurance than the latter.

That being said, specialist insurers will still give much more competitive quotes for all convicted drivers, no matter what their offence, so they should definitely be the first port of call.



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