Are organic foods really that much healthier?

There is still a great deal of confusion about organic food. Not only in terms of what it actually is, but also in terms of whether or not it is actually much better for us than conventionally grown foods.

The problem that many people have when it comes to understanding organic food, is the lack of promotion that such food gets. Many people assume that if going organic was a great deal healthier for us, then the government would put far more effort into making us eat it over processed food or crops grown in less organic ways.

However, crops still equal a great deal of money for many people, and growing crops using pesticides and the like reduces overheads greatly. The majority of governments around the world therefore either fail to get involved in what they see as a financial war, or actually get money from many companies growing crops or rearing animals in ‘traditional’ ways.

However, there has been a great deal of research done on the subject that has proven that those foods that are not organic can be far less nutritious and in some cases even far more damaging to our bodies that foods that are organic. Everything from cereals such as wheat and corn to every single vegetable and fruit is going to have far higher nutritional value when it is organic, and all those who not only want healthy foods, but also wish to avoid foods that could damage their bodies are likely to find that the small extra cost of going organic is more than worth it.

It is also cheaper than ever to buy healthy foods such as organic produce online, meaning that simply changing the way you source quality food could actually reduce the cost of your shopping, rather than adding to it, allowing you to look and feel healthier at very little expense.

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