Start a bike to work initiative using Cycle Racks as the incentive

Want to give your workers some kind of incentive to leave their cars at home and bike to work in the morning? Have you thought about installing Cycle Shelters or having a few Cycle Racks fitted where your staff members could leave their bikes in safety? Let’s face it, they won’t want to ride to work in the morning if they can’t leave their bikes in a safe place and Cycle Racks are the perfect solution. Cycle Racks enclosed within some sort of shelter will provide bikes with plenty of protection, both from the elements and the criminal members of society. Workers can chain or padlock their bikes to the Cycle Racks and they’ll be safe all day until they are ready to ride them home again.v

Think about the features of the Cycle Shelters

If you did decide to go ahead and wanted to install a few Cycle racks there are a few things you should think about.

Are you going to incorporate the Cycle racks within cycle shelters or simply leave them exposed to the elements? If so, the durability of the Cycle Racks will be important they should be made from hard wearing, weather-resistant materials that’ll wear well over a period of time. Also, consider where you might like to site the Cycle Racks and how much room you have available, plenty of bike storage solutions are available and different versions can be custom made to suit your individual requirements.

Save space with the design of the Cycle Racks

Contact approved contractors that specialise in the design and manufacture of Cycle Shelters and they can create custom solutions on your behalf that not only look stylish, they utlise the space that you have available for Cycle Racks as well. If you want to optimise the number of cycle parking bays you’ll be providing for staff members talk through the project with the specialists who create Cycle Racks for a wide range of customers. Using their skills and expertise you can provide plenty of Cycle Racks for the new bike to work scheme even if you are struggling for space outside.



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