The Football Just Keeps Coming

This summer is all about sports, and football is a huge part of that.  As the England team held off France in the Euro’s, so the Great British team will be looking to win at home in the Olympics.  And following on from this, the Premier League season will start up, with the intrigue that brings.  So now more than ever is the perfect chance to have that football bet with Bet Victor.

Stability in the Euro’s?

With the Euro crisis raging around us, many commentators were predicting stability.  In the football that is.  The twin favourites for Euro 2012 are Germany and Spain, the same two who contested the final last time out, and the semi-final in the world cup.  Well, while we may have some predictability in the final results, it’s not just the football match you can bet on with Bet Victor. With a wide range of different bets to place, why not try the top scorer?  After the first round, the unlikely trio of Russia’s Alan Dzagoev, Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic and co-hosts Ukraine’s talismanic Andriy Shevchenko lead the way.

Home isWhere the Heart is

And with the benefit of playing at home, who would bet against Poland or the Ukraine getting far in the tournament.  The two teams may be un-fancied, but that won’t stop them from upsetting their opponents like Ukraine did in their first ever Euro’s appearance, recording a historic victory over Sweden.  Backing one of the host nations to get far could net a tidy profit, with both coming from outside the recognised group of contenders, so have a bet on the true spirit of football with Bet Victor.

Wherever You May Be

And you can do this in comfort from you own home, or even when you are on the go.  With the success of the internet in bookmaking, you can view a huge range of odds, tips and matches online, and what more, with a range of apps available for mobile devices, making a  football bet with Bet Victor  couldn’t be easier.  So why not give it a try.

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