Bioflow – Magnetic dog collars for dogs with issues

Magnetic therapy, the practice that involves harnessing static magnetic fields and subjecting various parts of the body to magnetostatic fields, is big business. Generating over a billion dollars in the United States alone each year, magnetic therapy is certainly very popular across the pond with millions looking to benefit from its proposed health benefits.

Specialising in magnetic therapy items and magnetic dog collars, Bioflow are a company who pride themselves on their magnetic dog collars.

Unlike other companies who provide magnetic therapy products, Bioflow are one fo the few companies currently around that manufacture quality magnetic dog collars.

Allowing your pets to benefit from magnetic dog collars that allow them to receive the benefits from magnetic therapy, Bioflow don’t place restrictions on who can and can’t receive the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Available in a variety of colours, the magnetic dog collars from Bioflow are designed to fight against various conditions that include arthritis, joint stiffness and promote healing to occur, working to relieve muscle problems, skin conditions like eczema and fatigue, as well as many more.

With a number of customers who emplou magnetic dog collars to try and promote health in their canine friends claiming that the magnetic dog collars have allow their pets to enjoy their lives in a new a positive way, free from the most common dog-related ails, the magnet dog collars from Bioflow are particularly popular.

In addition to their magnetic dog collars, Bioflow also specialise in a number of magnetic water and fuel conditioners, magnetic wristbands and bracelets, as well as various magnetic therapy items for other animals.

To find out more about the magnetic dog collars from Bioflow, visit them online today and make sure that you canine friend benefits from the unique central reverse polarity or magnetic therapy as well.



Magnetic dog collars are a great way to keep track of your dog and we can also provide high quality magnetic bracelets for a variety of reasons. Visit us today for more information!