Electric Fence Energisers – Furry Fiends BEWARE!

Electric fence energisers: there’s nothing truly amazing about them. Electric fence energisers are simple entities; present to serve a one- dimensional purpose. Not particularly pretty, electric fence energisers are practical and functional and very little in between.

From this short blurb, are you sold on electric fence energisers?

Thought not. But what many fail to recognise is equally as simple: electric fence energisers are essential objects, not just ‘fit for purpose’ mechanisms, but necessary articles that- should they fail – could cause an entire electrical fencing system to collapse.

In brief, electric fence energisers convert power (from the mains, battery or light) to pulses and push them down electric fence lines. The pulses produced by electric fence energisers are of a high voltage yet low amperage which means- like static electricity – they are reliably safe yet incredibly uncomfortable to even a light touch.

There is a wide ranging choice of electric fence energisers on the market currently but they all serve a very different purpose however, the most commonly used strong electric fence energisers are used to contain or exclude carnivorous animals that are well insulated like foxes and rabbits and are utilised across many- a countryside landscape throughout the UK and indeed, the world.

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