Get hold of some of the best tweed hats at Tweed Time, the tweed specialists

From the Scots for twill, the word tweel was used in Scotland to describe the rough, woollen fabric being produced there. As the story has it, in around 1830 a London merchant, receiving a letter about tweels and unable to decipher the handwriting, assuming that the mysterious product was in fact a trade-name from the river Tweed which flows through the Scottish Borders textile area, began advertising tweel as tweed – and the name stuck.

Available world-wide, tweed is as popular now as it’s ever been, with a number of the latest designers incorporating this traditional material into their lines.

Specialising in some of the best tweed hats around, Tweed Time are a company who pride themselves on their fantastic line of quality tweed products.

Those looking for tweed hats in those hard to come by tweeds that you very rarely seen in the high streets need look no further, with Tweed Time having a great selection of interesting tweed hats.

Included in the range of tweed hats from Tweed Time are the Hereford Tweed caps. With their classic simplicity, these tweed hats are excellent quality flat tweed hats, and feature a medium deep back with sizes from 55cm to 63cm.

Those looking for stylish dress caps will be impressed with the Staten Kilarney Tweed caps. With their laid-back, casual look these tweed hats look great in charcoal Kilarney tweed and are perfect for completing the look of any ensemble.

For those town and country tweed hats, look no further than the Wexford Snap Brim Trilby. Available in a choice of three colours, made from Donegal tweed, these tweed hats are some of the most gentlemanly looking headgear items you can find.

To find out more about the tweed hats from Tweed Time, visit them online today and make sure you look the part.



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