Ensuring Safety And Enjoyment On Balloon Rides

Britain has been blessed with some of the most interesting and varied landscape in the world. With rolling hills and deep valleys it is the picture perfect place to go book balloon rides. These can take you over quaint old villages or spectacular lakes or even cityscapes, giving you an entirely new perspective on this country’s natural beauty. Because hot air balloons travel with the wind, your exact course is always going to be varied and unique, meaning you could experience sights that no one else has ever had the privilege of seeing before.

In order to ensure that your balloon rides live up to your expectations, you should invest in a tour company that has a wealth of experience. Not only will this ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience, but it will also ensure your safety throughout the duration of the trip. All pilots that you fly with must have a UK Commercial Balloon Pilot’s License and the more experience they have in flying balloons the better. The company offering the flights should also ideally be affiliates of the most renowned aviation bodies including the British Balloon & Airship Club, the British Association of Balloon Operators and the Civil Aviation Authority. This must be coupled with a Civil Aviation Authority Air Operators Certificate that qualifies them to transport passengers who have paid to fly.

Having a large number of launch sites across the country can also mean that you have a greater pick of take-off points and therefore more chance of seeing the sights that you want to see. Of course, balloon flights take into account the wind, but by taking off in the right area, they can guarantee that you will get to see the sights that are truly breathtaking. Balloon flights are something a little different from the norm and can be great for those of almost any age.

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