Why Plastic School Lockers are the Best Storage Solution for Humid Environments

Although metal lockers can be very good storage options in school corridors, cloakrooms and classrooms; their structural integrity can deteriorate relatively quickly if they are sited in humid environments or used incorrectly. Indeed, installing metal lockers in close proximity to the moist air of a swimming pool or using them to store wet swimming items leaves them open to the destructive effects of corrosion and rust.

Whilst high-quality metal locker units may take years to deteriorate, less impressive products could show signs of decay in as little as a few months. Regardless, of what the time factor might be, it is clear to see that metal is not the best option in these circumstances.

Indeed, when it comes to choosing a storage solution for humid environments, plastic lockers are a far better solution.

Plastic benefits
Locker units made from high density plastic can provide schools with several key benefits. These include: high impact and dent resistance, comprehensive scratch resistance, and effective mildew and odour resistance. Moreover, plastic locker designs are also resistant to pencil, pen, paint and marker pen graffiti and are completely power washable.

As well as being resistant and robust, plastic lockers are also available in a wide range of configurations. This means that as well as being able to complement their architecture, schools can also choose locker unit designs that will enable them to make the most of their available space.

Of course, budgeting is a perennial concern for all schools so cost is always a very important factor. Plastic locker units are typically more expensive to buy outright than their metal counterparts; however, heavy duty plastic locker designs represent an excellent long-term investment as they will be around for a good long time once they’re installed.

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