Pine Furniture For Bright Dining Rooms

Pine furniture can be particularly elegant when used in the dining room, particularly lending itself to brightly decorated walls and floors. It can equally sit well against open stonework, since its natural tones will complement the natural variations in the stone of the house. Being such a bright wood, pine naturally reflects a lot of light making it a great option as a glass top dresser. If you want to display your wine glasses, trophies or other memorabilia, then the wood will reflect handsome amounts of light enabling all to see the contents of the dresser. So long as the dresser has been well designed it should have plenty of space to store all of your things including cutlery, towels or finest china. The wood itself is naturally strong so long as it is 100% solid pine. Modern features that the dresser may have include dovetail joints, as well as a solid cabinet back and tongue and groove drawer bases, since all of these will add to the last ability of the piece of furniture.

Dining room furniture may also include pine mirrors. Pine makes a particularly good surround for a mirror because of the traditional, yet bold look of the wood. It stands out on a wall, but not so much that it jumps out or looks out of place. Solid pine again can offer a level of construction that makes it very durable, should the worst happen.

All pine furniture like this should come in a range of finishes including different tones like Mocha or Honey. It is a great way to create consistent look with the rest of your dining room furniture and decor, since not all woods will instantly sit into a room correctly. If you are going to a showroom, having a sample of the colours already in your room is a good way to match your tones.

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