Who Needs Personal Protective Equipment?

Any industry in which workers could be put in any kind of danger during their working day will likely need to buy some type of personal protective equipment, or PPE, to keep each and every member of staff as safe as possible. However, knowing exactly who needs it and what type of equipment they need is not always as easy.

Those that have to work at height are often at most risk from potential injury. Thousands of people every year suffer serious injuries or are involved in fatal accidents that result from working at height. As such, any job that has workers performing tasks at height is going to need some very specific personal protective equipment.

However, even once you know that this is the case, there will still be a huge range of different types of protective equipment, and it might not always be easy to know who will need what. Ultimately, a risk assessment will need to be undertaken by someone who has had the relevant training to do so, whether that be someone from your company or someone from a professional health and safety firm.

This should help you understand exactly which areas of your business and exactly which members of staff will need protective equipment and when they will need to employ such items. From here, it is best to speak to a company who specialise in PPE to ensure that you have the most appropriate fall arrest systems and protective gear for your own company and that every single item is compatible to make all relevant processes both safer and easier.

When choosing equipment, be sure that it carries the CE logo that will prove that it adheres to the relevant regulations, and ensure that the products you buy are both durable and suitable specifically for the tasks your staff will be undertaking.

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