The Importance of Retaining Call Centre Staff

Call centres have a huge staff turnaround rate, with the majority of call centre staff lasting just six months before moving on. The costs of this can be great for many different reasons, not only in terms of admin and the cost of training up new staff, but also in terms of just how important experienced and happy staff are in ensuring that the job is done in the most effective possible way.

Whilst the cost of hiring and training staff can be great, the problems that inexperienced representatives can cause are even bigger and, therefore, the longer you can keep each member of staff, the more effective and productive your company will be, and the bigger the profits in turn.

It becomes obvious very quickly just how important retaining call centre staff can be, and therefore the next question is how to keep them.

The first thing to do is to make the job as appealing as possible. The right processes and even the right predictive dialer software can make the job far less boring and far less hassle in one simple step. Those without predictive dialer software often have to undertake very boring and menial tasks before they even manage to start the important part of their job. The right software and even the right call recorder can make their job more appealing and more fulfilling at the same time.

Of course, software and hardware will not be the only things to get right. Whilst using a call recorder will make it easier for you to monitor progress and help them through any issues they are having, it is also important o ensure that they have the right environment to work in. The job can be one that is boring and repetitive and therefore it is important to ensure that the staff you choose will work well together and that you give them regular breaks to socialise and keep morale high.

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