How is First Aid Important in the Workplace?

First aid is important in or out of the workplace. It’s so important because when a medical emergency happens, first aid can make the difference between recovery and fatality. In a workplace, employees have the right to first aid, and according to the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981 a business has to provide appropriate first aid equipment for its employee base.

Similarly, they should also offer a degree of training. Some first aid equipment is simple to use, however many first aid procedures and equipment is complicated. It can only be mastered with the right training. Does someone on premises know about recovery position, how to administer a portable defibrillator etc?

What is the Minimum Provision for First Aid?

The minimum provision is as follows: on-site there should be a suitably stocked first aid kit. There should also be someone on site who should be able to take a lead in a first aid emergency, i.e. someone who is suitably trained. And also all personnel should be made aware of specific health and safety legislation.

How Does Training Help?

Training can be very helpful. As we have stated, it is part of the minimum provision that a business should have one individual who is apt to take control in a medical emergency. This person will benefit from first aid training in Newcastle. A first aid course in Newcastle should be HSE approved, and so legitimate and well taught.

First aid training in Newcastle is taught in a relaxed environment, and in a way that is conducive to learning. You can be taught locally, so there is no disruption to your personal or professional life. Of course, at the end of it you get another professional qualification that will improve your CV and could even, one day, save someone’s life.

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