Why a Patent Attorney is important for a start-up project

Are you stepping into the unknown with a brand new product and want to protect your intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands? Before you go any further have you spoken to a patent attorney about patents at this stage?

A Patent Attorney will help with your patent application and they can assist with trade mark design as well. Call a Patent Attorney and they can validate your product and ensure there are no patent infringements taking place.

If you want freedom to operate in a chosen market sector a Patent Attorney can provide you with product clearance studies. You have peace of mind once you instruct a Patent Attorney to deal with all of your intellectual property requirements.

Is it that essential to use a patent attorney?

People often underestimate the importance of patents and some are naive enough to think they can begin to operate without protecting their intellectual property by using a patent attorney.

You leave yourself wide open if you fail to see the importance of a Patent Attorney. How else will your business venture be protected without patent applications from a Patent Attorney? How can you reflect your intellectual property in your financial statements without an IP audit from a Patent Attorney?

You need to be forewarned and forearmed in the event of trouble in the future and that’s where the skills of a Patent Attorney prove to be invaluable.

What could possibly go wrong?

Just suppose you forgot about patents for a minute, say you meant to call a patent attorney but the thought slipped from your mind and you started off trading under a brand new company name.

What would you do if somebody else started selling the exact same product, suppose it was a blatant rip-off of your design? If you had patents and kite marks in place you could instruct a Patent Attorney to act on your behalf. The Patent Attorney would make you aware of the patent infringement options, you could think about IP litigation to resolve the issue.

A Patent Attorney helps you to protect your business in the future they can enforce patents and intellectual property if they have to on your behalf. Why become a victim of intellectual property theft when a Patent Attorney will ensure you have suitable defences in place?



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