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The disposable camera may not have been the most technologically interesting invention of all time, but it certainly did, and still does, have a certain charm and serve a very useful purpose. Not only can they be handed around at events for guests to take photos for you, making your job far easier but, in everyday life, disposable cameras can simply help you capture ‘moments’ again.

Whilst digital photography is extremely useful and very effective, it can lead to the majority of people taking picture after picture, deleting many and then staging further pictures. As such, what you are left with is a lot of pictures that do not mean much; and many others which have been taken time and time again until they are perfect.

What is missing here is a certain amount of charm, and a certain amount of spontaneity, but even more so, an urge to only capture the really important moments. If you only have 24 pictures instead of an infinite number, your choices change and you start to really focus on which moments you try to capture.

However, you can still get this with digital photography and digital photo printing. By limiting yourself to a certain number of photos even on your digital camera, and then getting photo prints of those snaps without looking, you will have far more excitement when you actually see the pictures you took.

The majority of people around you will be documenting every moment of every single event, every single day and these will no doubt be shared through social networking sites. By choosing to capture moments and getting digital photo printing, you yourself are likely to have far more fun with your pictures and get far more interesting snaps as a result, making the moment you get those photo prints back a genuinely exciting time.

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