Are All Hammer Drills the Same?

Hammer drills are effectively two tools in one. Whilst ordinary cordless drills may tackle very simple jobs, others may need the extra power that a hammer drill can pack, allowing far more potential, and usually for very little extra money.

But are all hammer drills the same? Each will pack far more power and offer far more scope than an ordinary drill, so does it really matter which one you buy?

As with any tool, there will be many considerations to make before buying a hammer drill. Yes, they may all pack more power than a normal drill, and may be able to be used on many different materials, but from the material you plan to drill right through to the size of the holes you need to create, there will be many considerations to make when buying.

Each will have differences in terms of impact force, blows per minute and even how easy each is to use and hold. If you are looking into buying a hammer drill, there is a good chance that you will not just be planning on carrying out one single job with it and therefore it is wise to make sure that the drill that is chosen has the potential to be used for many different projects.

A model such as LXT202 may be a wise choice. Not only does this model combine value and quality, but it is also focussed on practicality and ergonomics in equal measures. This model is easy to hold and will therefore ensure that you can get jobs done faster since you will not have to stop regularly to rest.

When choosing such a tool, it is important to make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry, easy to use and will be able to be used in many situations and on many different materials. Therefore, a model such as the LXT202 may well help you get everything you need without you having to pay over the odds.

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