Monthly Van Insurance For Small Businesses

Van insurance is vital for companies who deliver all sorts of products and provide all sorts of services. All over the country the white van has become a symbol of the British economy in action, but behind the wheels of those vehicles could be any number of individuals from self-employed electricians to delivery people. In fact, it is not always the same person behind the same van wheel many times because different employees may make use of different vehicles. This can provide a problem to companies in terms of insurance, however, which is especially true of those smaller organisations. There are a multitude of reasons why another person may need to use a van that belongs to a small company, but in the past arranging insurance for them was difficult. This is where temp van cover can really pay dividends and allow other people to drive a particular vehicle within the law and completely covered.

The great thing about this type of temp van insurance is that it is underwritten by some of the insurance industry’s biggest players like RAC and Aviva. This should be of great peace of mind for those who are investing, that any damage done to the driver, the van or others will be covered by a reliable and transparent insurance policy. Temp van cover comes in a several different varieties including one day cover, weekend, weekly and monthly. Monthly is particularly great for those temporary employees who may be employed in order to fill in for other workers while they are away, or meet temporary or seasonal demand. The great thing about temp van insurance is that it can be arranged at very short notice, which is great for small businesses. The requirements are that the insured person be between 21 and 75 and holds a full UK driving license.

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